Thursday, March 22, 2012


Do you like pink? I ask Ed. Pink’s okay, he answers, then goes back to his reading. I recognize it as meaning – how could color matter? Ever?

Case in point: it matters to this young woman! On Bascom Mall today. Every detail in pink. (Please do take note of our green, remarkably green hill of grass.)


Earlier, during our morning breakfast on the porch, Ed asks – did you plant colors other than white out front?

Well he may wonder. The first narcissus that came up out front is the white one. And then another and then another.

DSC00857 - Version 2

I tell him others are soon to follow, but really, narcissus are all of the yellow-white family.

And speaking of yellow, on campus, we are experiencing the peak of yellow forsythia.


It’s short lived, but I’m always happy to see it, even if this year it is accompanied by most everything else. Bursting, blooming, growing substantially ahead of its season. We continue to be breaking record highs. Today it was in the upper seventies.

What’s your favorite color? I persist, wanting him to put down the New Yorker.
You! Ed says. You’re gorgeous! Ah, his dialogue tape is on auto pilot. He cannot be distracted. A shame. I go back to playing my very limited iTunes selections, picking songs carefully, even though I know that he isn’t really listening.