Wednesday, March 28, 2012

first chomp out of the garden

Perhaps the brightest moment of the day came in the evening when, walking past my kitchen herb garden (so many of these guys survived!), I noticed that the chives were ready for snipping. Dinner for us was a plate of steamed spinach and scrambled eggs. I’m that busy. Excuse me – scrambled eggs with chives!

It’s considerably cooler outdoors this week. We started with a breakfast on the porch, but I gave up into the first spoonful of granola. Indoors felt so... deliciously warm.

Biking to work was tough, too. I was dressed for last week's heat wave. I turned around and decided to give up the bike after half a mile. But very quickly, I turned around again, hating myself for being a wimp. And then got cold again.  And so I retreated. Then kicked myself once more and, with a final spin around, shrugged off the cold and headed on Mr Red to work.

I’ll post the precious field view from my rural biking road, but I have to say, I didn’t pause for long. Too cool out there today. At the height of the day, we registered 56 degrees.


At the farmette tonight, things became rather fast paced. I had the urgent need to plant my peony. And to weed the shoulder flower bed that abuts the walkway. Ed remained calmly committed to finishing the transplant of the tomato seedlings to bigger pots. He’s not in a hurry. And he is especially not in a hurry today. He’s not going anywhere tomorrow.

I never expected him to change his mind and come with me and he never expected me to retract and cancel, but we keep the pretense going. Must you go? Can't you go? Short cut for -- I care, but this is the week to travel/stay home (depending on who is speaking).

I leave you with flowers from the garden. They are a gentle sweetness. A delightful presence. I’m already looking forward to seeing their proliferation upon my return (next Friday).

DSC00923 - Version 2