Tuesday, May 01, 2012

fields of dreams

Time. The most valuable resource. I’d do a crazy busy schedule any day just to have what’s coming – a feeling of time. And space, so that when I look out, I see more than just what’s in front of my nose. It’s hard to look beyond your living room when you haven’t the time to venture further.

our farmer, working the fields down the road

Today was harried, tomorrow will be crazed, then will come a few days of normal and after that – time.

How is it that we, with our work ethic and endless growth obsession, never admit to how valuable, desirable, luxurious it is to have merely time? And I don’t mean time to do nothing (though if that’s your goal at the end of the day, then why not?). But time to be yourself in charge of the next hour and the one after? 

fields of growth, fields of future dreams

The neighbor across the road plants trees. Rows and rows of them. For your grandchildren, right? Ed teases him. (Rows of trees in fields of dandelions. To see him tend those trees is to know what it is to be content.)


Success, as measured by time. Pour resources into banking time.

Before it runs out on you.