Saturday, July 07, 2012



Late last night, as Ed and I fell back (so quickly!) into an old routine of falling asleep downstairs while watching a movie, then waking up with a jolt long after the movie had ended. I see that Isis is purring next to me, but quietly. I’m thinking – maybe he’s missing my nephew.

As we get up to retreat upstairs, Isis goes outside. There isn’t a litter box in the farmhouse and in any case, he often takes a night’s stroll through the yard. He spends the night in the sheep shed and I don’t see him until after breakfast the next morning.

Morning: Isis meanders slowly up the brick walkway to the farmhouse. I’m horrified to see a big gash at the side of his head – a rerun of a cat attack from some five weeks back, only bigger and uglier. This time we're prepared. Ed washes the wound and puts on some antibacterial cream. Isis seems fine otherwise – appetite’s good and he follows us, sitting back in the shade to watch the world go by, but I have to worry about this aging animal. He’s slouching more and in my eyes, he’s looking old.


For the first time, Ed joins my daughter and me for the trip to the downtown market. It’s cooler today – 86 instead of 96. It makes a difference!

DSC01124 - Version 2

We are shockingly coordinated, the three of us. Perhaps you can spot the (accidental) similarity?


I am pleased to see so many farmers displaying robust crops. They’re hanging in there, though most of the daylight hours are spent on bringing water to the fields. We buy the usual – tomatoes, potatoes, cheese curds, oyster mushrooms, shiitakes. And flowers.


Relieved to see so many bright colors (after feeling the oppressive heat of the past week), we retreat to the farmette and check on Isis.

So far so good. More ointment on the wound. Hoping that the attacking cat will learn to stay away.


This morning (and afternoon and evening) I open a Word file that I had not viewed since October 3, 2011. It’s my book project and I hope to make significant inroads during the remaining two months of summer.

I spend the day rereading what’s there (and wanting so much to edit it some more, even as I know that what I need to do is not edit but write – add pages to the current 124).


For dinner, I make a salad.