Wednesday, August 08, 2012


It wasn’t supposed to rain today, but it did – that steady summer drizzle that we’ve been without for all of June, July and thus far August.

Before the first signs of rain, I went out to inspect the garden – a morning routine that has been far more pleasant now that the animals have stopped eating our flowers. For some reason it struck me to focus on what’s yellow right now. Coaxed and prodded by regular waterings, many plants are coming back with a brief rebloom. Here you go – the sweet gently yellow petals around me:

DSC04996 - Version 2

DSC04997 - Version 2

DSC04999 - Version 2

DSC05000 - Version 2

DSC05003 - Version 2

DSC05004 - Version 2

DSC05007 - Version 2

And then it turned gray and the drizzle came and I was glad I had that short walk earlier. The rest of the day was spent indoors.

Doing what? That stuff of life that is best spread out over many days (because it's tedious and dull) and not blogged about (because it's tedious and dull).

So during one of my many breaks, I was happy to see an article in the NYTimes on the virtues of Aperol Spritz (and Aperol in general; I’d written about it in the past, here). On a day like this, the dazzling colors are especially uplifting. Sort of like coming upon a lush oasis in an expanse of dusty sands.

I made one Spritz for myself at what I believe is Aperol sipping time in Italy. (Though actually, my recollection is that the proper time is anytime.)

DSC05019 - Version 2

I am confident that we will remain housebound for the rest of the day. A few minutes ago Ed said -- I’d take you out to dinner today but, one, maybe it’ll stop raining (he’ll be biking if it does) and, two, you’re probably full. I know I am...

Why is he full? Why would I be full at 4 in the afternoon? He’s been making us snacks of home grown tomato with melting cheese curds on top.

DSC05016 - Version 2

When I referenced cheese curds a few days back, one of my readers noted that she had to look them up. (She’s obviously not a Wisconsin girl.) She sent me the definition she had found :

“A cheese curd is an orangish cheese byproduct that feels like Silly Putty but tastes a lot better. It was invented accidentally by UW cheese scientists attempting to create an object of pure cholesterol that would still squeak. Rats who are fed this remarkable food develop an unusual capacity to polka and drink beer.”

Well now, I almost think that's right.

As I reread this post I come to the realization that there was absolutely nothing healthy about this day. Oh, wait, I’m forgetting that there was breakfast. Thank God for breakfast.

DSC05006 - Version 2