Friday, September 28, 2012


Friday. Breakfast alone. (Ed has his tech design meeting too early for us to linger in the nook together.)

DSC00257 - Version 2

Work at home. With Isis showing off his sweet side.

DSC00258 - Version 2

...and with occasional moments outdoors. Because it really is beautiful out there.

DSC00266 - Version 2

Evening watering. It's easy to neglect plants when you think they're almost at the end of their blooming period. And yet, you can't. Feeding and watering them now will make for a happier spring. Spring! Oh my, only six months away!

DSC00263 - Version 2

Just before dusk, I go to a yoga class. I don't like to do this at the end of the day, but I so want to resume the routine of it, before my "unlimited yoga" month runs out. So that I can decide this weekend if I want to commit to a whole year of opening my heart to the heavens above (think: fish pose).

The sun has set by the time I ride home. The sky still holds on to the pink hues -- as if it can't quite move on.

DSC00274 - Version 2

We're two days short of a full moon, but hey! it surely looks radiantly full!

DSC00277 - Version 2

At home, I make soup. Yes, tomato. With beans. So I suppose you could call it a chili.

DSC00280 - Version 2

And there you have it. That was the day. It was quiet and familiar -- as if we never took a break from the calmness of our life here, at the farmette. (There are plenty of smiles when we click into that gentle sail through the day) As if I can almost believe that Ed is well again, albeit a good many pounds leaner. A day when we again can talk about maybe doing this, maybe that in future months. A good day.