Sunday, October 07, 2012

in anticipation

Isn't it true that the things we prepare for, worry about, take heed against -- often they don't materialize, while the things we never give a thought to ultimately bring us down? I suppose this is a good thing. Because it supports the idea that we should either worry more broadly, or, preferably, worry not at all.

Basically, yesterday's freeze warning was superfluous. Clouds came, the cold air stayed north of us and our rush to salvage crops, flowers and other vulnerable entities was premature.

Don't get me wrong -- today was not a warm day. Far from it. But, what bloomed yesterday, was still there to greet us this morning (even as we had moved some of the garden indoors).

DSC00439 - Version 2

Still, it was warm enough for me to say "okay" when Ed proposed a window washing project after breakfast.

It always surprises me a little when he initiates anything that has elements of cleaning or tidying. And I never turn him down. Who knows when the next cleaning surge will come.

We take out old rags and we set up the ladders and I wash down the lower half of each window and he washes down the upper half and I'm thinking the whole farmhouse looks like it had a makeover, just because of the sparkling clean windows.

DSC00447 - Version 2

 DSC00451 - Version 2

The rest of the day is just as agreeable and tidy. We pluck this and that in the yard, we play an ever brilliant game of  tennis, I attend a yoga class and Ed attends to removing an AC unit from the sheep shed...

DSC00449 - Version 2

...and we play with photos, and with Isis,  and photos with Isis...

 DSC00453 - Version 2

DSC00464 - Version 2

Evening comes. We do not eat dinner together -- I eat delicious Sri Lankan food with students  at my colleague's house and Ed eats left over tomato soup at home...

DSC00475 - Version 2

The weekend is done. I do feel that we have attended to things here at the farmhouse: we got ready for winter, even if winter didn't arrive as expected. Which, of course, is a good thing.