Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I hear Wisconsin mentioned again and again in the news -- we're the western most state to feel the effect of Sandy (the storm system that pounded the east coast). I didn't believe it. You would have had to have experienced the blue skies in recent days. No storms headed here. Couldn't be.

And yet, the wind did pick up today. No, it really picked up. I took Rosie to work only because I was so harried and hurried and all things in between that I thought I could stand some cold air whipping me about a bit. It did that. I thought many a time that the wind would do me in, pushing me off of Rosie, gusting me right toward the lake or worse (yes, there's a worse) -- onto the pavement in the path of a moving car.

I write to say that none of this happened.

It was a hard day and I have exactly 15 more hours before me of hard work and then things get back to normal.

In the meanwhile, I wanted to provide you with a view of the wind. You can do that when you live in the shadows of a huge willow. Unfortunately, the wind paused somewhat, just as I took out my camera and I didn't have time to linger. Still, it's a pretty set of colors out there in the nearly evening light.

DSC00816 - Version 2

If I looked toward the farmhouse from where the willow tree hangs low, I'd see it in this way:

DSC00813 - Version 2

So there you have it, your photos for the day.

In other news, I did take the major step of disconnecting myself from the world today by agreeing to abandon my land line. This was to save money and to do away with the dozens of senseless political calls I get each day. So, tear up my number -- I do not have it anymore. I am cut off from the world.

Still other news? I took the time to make cabbage soup. Enough for at least three days. When life is knocking you about a bit, there's always cabbage soup. I suppose that calls for a photo, no? Okay then, a third shot and then I go back to my work. 14 hours and 30 minutes and counting. So hard.

DSC00819 - Version 2