Thursday, November 29, 2012


There wasn't even a pretense of lightheartedness. I knew today would be tough and it was and by the time Rosie and I hit the rode home, it was too dark to even think about taking out the camera. 

The days are intensifying. The end of the semester is always like this, but as I get older, I notice it much more. As in, what the hell is happening here?? Where have all the hours gone? How can I slow down??

Tonight, you could see that Ed felt sorry for me because he pressed for a dinner out, but then we used my gift card to pay for the meal at our local Italian place and so I told him that this didn't count. Count for what? Oh, for the tally of magnanimous gestures that each claims s/he makes for the other. At this point, I'd say we're pretty even.

At home, sweet Isis comes within five minutes of our return which is pretty darn lazy on his part (he is usually here within 30 seconds). The cat knows. We are here. He can come and go and we will be here to let him in when he is ready. He has it reversed: indoors when he needs a comfy toilet situation (terrific litter!). Then outside -- to inspect briefly the comings and goings of all living things. Then inside again, usually to nap.

To nap... Sounds so pleasurable.

Tired. Damn tired. Tomorrow will be better.

Pictures? Just of the farmhouse. When I was leaving, early this morning.

DSC06454 - Version 2