Tuesday, February 05, 2013

all I can say is that it's February 5

The surprise of the day is that there is no surprise. No sun bursting forth just as I make my way home from work. No herd of deer against a clementine tinted snow.  No pot of good stuff on the kitchen stove.

Breakfast offered a view toward a burdened bush. Overwhlemed by snow.

DSC00836 - Version 2

The drive to work offered nothing at all. And the hours in my office offered even less. Views of equally bedraggled types walking against the snow, the cold, the winter, the dreary skies.

DSC00838 - Version 2

I leave work late, come home later. It isn't even close -- I'm not going to cook: it's a day for take out. We'd recently discovered a Thai place nearby (Thai Noodles). It's not exactly inviting for sit down purposes...

DSC00839 - Version 2

...but we never want to sit down outside of home these cold days and so it is irrelevant. The curries and stir fries are good. I don't have to cook. We take bags of food home. We are happy.

A long work day can drag you down. Not for long though. I shovel the path to the farmhouse -- dainty snow, not much of a cover, pretty stuff. We bring in the food, the stacks of mail. Time to exhale. Easy: breathe in, breathe out. Sit down. Eat. Yes, we are happy.