Monday, March 04, 2013


At home, I fall in step with the routines of pre-spring. For example -- the brick walkway to the farmhouse was kept free of ice and snow almost obsessively by me all winter long. I'd shovel and clear it even before the snow touched the ground. In my absence, portions of the path iced over. I kicked at the ice for a small while, then shrugged my shoulders and moved on. I thought -- by the weekend it'll melt.

Mind you, we have yet another snowstorm heading our way. Tomorrow may create a travel terror, even for the short distance I have to cover from the farmhouse to campus. But after, the tides will turn. By the time you're springing your clocks forward, most of the snow should be melting away.

I have no revelatory photos from today. We did have breakfast, Ed and I and that was quite nice.

DSC00394 - Version 2

After, there was too much work, too much of a retrace of past days, of old routes, too much, tediousy too much, all in a month that, in any case, begs not to be photographed (March competes with November in this way).

It was in the near evening, just as I got home, that I took note of the sunset. And then, as I walked to the edge of the farmette to see it more fully, I saw a large herd of deer. I was too far and with my lesser lens camera, so you'll see not much of either -- the sunset or the deer.

DSC00409 - Version 2

Or, maybe a little of both?

DSC00411 - Version 2
there are six deer in this photo... can you spot them?

Chili for supper today. Of course. To have ready for the snowstorm ahead. Just  in case.

DSC00413 - Version 2