Sunday, March 10, 2013


Eerie, dreary, drippy, ghostly, soupy... wait, stop now. The list is too long. The weather map states: zero visibility. That says it all.

One way to turn a day around is to accomplish things despite the odds. So I clean the farmhouse before it is even decent to be up and about. And then I go to a 75 minute yoga class. Well now.

It is foggy nonetheless.

DSC01138 - Version 2

Breakfast: let's have it in the sunroom!
There's no sun...
So what, who cares, let's pretend...

DSC01136 - Version 2

He looks like a mad scientist in that photo and that's not entirely wrong because he is immersed in design projects right now. And so he retreats to the sheep shed for a good part of each day. I take stock. Okay, granola baking time.

DSC01142 - Version 2

The farmhouse soaks in the aroma of cinnamon. I settle in to do work. Classes will be well prepared this week. There are no distractions. Lots of time to work.

In the evening, Ed comes in from the sheep shed. Project put to rest for the night. Because it's wet outdoors, Isis refuses to step down until they both are on the safe, dry floors of the farmhouse.

DSC01145 - Version 2

My daughter and her husband come for dinner. The proverbial burst of sunlight.

DSC01147 - Version 2

And then things quiet down again. The sun disappears and I never even notice that it was one hour later than yesterday. No matter. You have to pay a price for spring. The upswing will come. It's just a little late to our liking, but it'll come. Maybe this week, maybe not. But it'll come.