Wednesday, March 13, 2013

then and now

A year ago today... I remember it so well!  Go ahead, click on it: right here.

Important things to take note of:

A year ago, the lakes were no longer ice covered.
The snow was long gone.
Crocuses were abundantly in bloom.

You cannot expect 78 degrees on a March day every year. But can we split the difference? Because I would have loved 53 degrees, as opposed to the 28 I had to confront today at noon.

Of course, there was the sunshine. I do love the sunshine. I wake up and it is the first thing I notice.

DSC01193 - Version 2
(through the snow on the skylight)

The second thing I notice is that Isis is turning over his stomach (I have no better explanation for it) on the bed. Well now, dear old cat. That took care of the rest of sleep time.

So long as we were up early (and we were: thank you, Isis), while stumbling through breakfast routines...

 DSC01196 - Version 2

...we resumed our discussion of summer plans. Ed found cheap flights and we would be booking them right now but for the fact that they are on Pakistani Airlines and it's not part of my frequent flyer program! Ridiculous -- he tells me. Not for me it isn't. So we're stuck. It could be that we'll fly separately. We've done that before!

The rest of the day was so predictable that I'm shying away from any more details. Just a photo of our frozen lake, so that next year I wont feel so terribly morose when March 13, 2014 will (again) fail to produce the crocuses.

DSC01201 - Version 2
Lake Monona

DSC01204 - Version 2
Monona Bay, with a snowman in the middle