Friday, April 05, 2013

long day

Well now, there was not much to this day beyond work. Left early, right after breakfast...

DSC01059 - Version 2

...returned late.


On days like this, what should I write about? The cooling down outside? The still frozen waters on our lakes? The fact that Ed and I forgot to plug in the doorbell and therefore missed Isis's plaintive calls and efforts to come into the farmhouse all night long? (Oh, but it was such a good set of sleep hours as a result!)

No, none of that. Not even about the fact that I have more work (a conference) tomorrow and not that it would matter because it's supposed to rain.

I want to write about the trend rather than the reality. The trend is in a good direction. April is never a glum month. Ed tells me on the phone that he can almost see a flower bud pushing through. That's the trend.

The reality is less chipper, but eh, one can take anything is small doses. So stay with me while I go through my days of work overload. Think in terms of direction. I got a good one going, I swear.