Sunday, April 14, 2013


When Ed sneezes the whole house shakes. Since one sneeze is always followed by the next and then another, You could say that teh house was subject to multiple vibrations today.

Well good. We could use a shake up. And please, can we get rid of these morning weather surprises? Like this one?

DSC01662 - Version 2

DSC01664 - Version 2

At breakfast, we eat in the front room. Ed comes wrapped in a quilt. That tells me a lot about the state of his sinuses.

DSC01667 - Version 2

DSC01671 - Version 2

I go off to yoga. I'm back into it! My world feels good again. A routine is setting in.

At home, more crocuses are emerging.

 DSC01673 - Version 2

The temps are inching up a bit today and so I do the brave thing of buying pansies. Pansies can take anything. pansies add the first batch of potted color. Pansies are beautiful.

DSC01676 - Version 2

DSC01682 - Version 2

DSC01684 - Version 2

You may find the landscape quite bleak still. Maybe you think that last year's lilacs were a better deal for the middle of April. Let me assure you, today felt grand. Sure, Ed is sneezing his life away, the flowers are shivering against the wind, but life is so full of promise right now that all's forgiven.

My daughter and her husband come for dinner. Ed sneezes a hardy welcome. Were you here, you'd smile and smile.

DSC01687 - Version 2