Thursday, May 09, 2013

oh oh

Rain. Good. Work time. Indoor time. While the flowers and plants outside thrive.

DSC02212 - Version 2

Well, maybe.

Let's start at the beginning. Breakfast indoors, in the front room. Very leisurely. Neither of us feels compelled to rush.

DSC02216 - Version 2

DSC02219 - Version 2

I go outside just for a minute. The rain is almost almost upon us. You feel the wetness in the air.


Appointments, work -- time slogs on. From hyper physical exertion of the past days, I switch to sitting still most of the hours of the day. (Yuk.)

In the late afternoon, we go to the Fitchburg Farmer's Market. It's cold and the rain is coming down hard. Not many farmers show up. Not many shoppers either. But our asparagus farmer is there and her asparagus is fresh and suddenly the market is transformed into a place of hope.

DSC02221 - Version 2

For a while anyway. Later, the day returned to being one of worry. We're preparing for Saturday and Sunday nights -- both will bring the temps into the thirties -- far too low to sustain a tomato crop. Now, you may tell me -- cover your plants! That's easy if you have five. Or fifteen. We've got a good seventy tomato plants out there, so we have to be creative!
Ed, this is your task; You pick the strategy, I'll help you implement it.
I'm on it!

In other news, our replacement cherry trees  arrived, my winter order of bulk perennials arrived -- all are sitting out on the proch waiting for kinder gentler times.

Ed and I have a lot of garden work in the week ahead. And that's a VERY good thing.