Sunday, June 02, 2013


The best part of the day? Without doubt, when my older girl and her husband came over for supper.

DSC02936 - Version 2

The worst part? Well, nothing really counts as terrible.

The morning was lovely.

Breakfast, with granola straight out of the oven - superb.  Though inside. It was one of those unexpectedly cool days.

DSC02925 - Version 2

Farmette work was huge, really huge, but I was prepared for it. In addition to the usual (see previous post) We did something new -- create a large bed for planting... corn.

DSC02932 - Version 2

Edible stuff. You could argue that growing it is quite unnecessary, given the market corn that is available in abundance here in the late summer season. But that kind of argument just causes you to shut down and hide. Because if the standard is that you grow only that, which does not make a market appearance, well now that would mean that only the highly esoteric fruits or veggies ought to be considered for the kitchen garden.

Though of course, you can never have too many flowers.

DSC02928 - Version 2