Monday, June 03, 2013


It's that time. You know how it is -- 48 hours until you're to be out of here and you are still with a 'to do' list that fills every one of the 28 lines on the pad by your side.

Some of the items are silly. For example -- "give Ed a haircut." I don't need a reminder. He is a walking reminder of the shagginess that always sets in not too long after I trim his beard or hair. Perhaps you'll have seen it in a breakfast photo -- like this morning:

DSC02943 - Version 2

And I do in fact cross off this one item from my list, because in the sunshine of a glorious afternoon, I sit him on a chair in the yard and whack away. The result:

DSC02952 - Version 2

The garden is nearly ready too. Meaning, everything is planted (including some three dozen corn seeds), weeded, ready for separation anxiety (on my part) to set in (how will they fare without me??!).

I even did one last bumpy spin on the mower, creating open space where waist high grasses have been. Just to dot the i, so to speak.

And I went to campus. Letters of recommendation to write, more papers to bring home. (It is so different here during the summer! When I take a photo of Bascom Mall now, I'm reminded of... maybe some Dejeuner sur l'Herbe moment -- as if life's one big picnic, whether or not food is served).

DSC02945 - Version 2

...and the ride to town is so pretty! Another Impressionism-like moment to savor. Canvas, reality; canvas, reality -- as if there's no great difference between the two.

DSC02947 - Version 2

Such is my day, here at the farmette...

DSC02937 - Version 2

 DSC02941 - Version 2

Just 48, no wait -- now 42 hours before taking off and leaving it all behind.