Wednesday, June 05, 2013

...and away

Two thoughts, over and over again: finish grading, clean the house, finish grading finish grading, clean clean clean.

I was so committed to both that, in the end, I did finish grading and the farmhouse is now immaculate and why this (the cleaning) should be a priority is beyond me except that I really like to come home to a clean house.

Everything else was done quickly and therefore with errors. Packing: not a big deal -- just a carry on and a small backpack, but geez louise, did I have to forget the New Yorkers? We have accumulated a huge stack and we love reading them in cafes, on beaches, pretty much anywhere that is not home. And I forgot to sweep them into my pack.

Breakfast was rushed, but not unpleasant.

DSC02968 - Version 2

(You can just catch sight of the stack of exams I was working on throughout.)

And then, in the early afternoon, with exams graded, sorted and stacked (though not yet recorded -- I have to give great thought to that. I can easily take the time for this in Sorede), with the house shining with earnestness, I was (more or less) ready on time.

 DSC02970 - Version 2

Goodbye farmhouse, you lovely old girl! Be nice to the cat sitter and the visitors that will be passing through in our absence. And save some of your prettiness (especially in the yard) for our return. (And don't let the chipmunks and groundhogs eat ALL the strawberry plants! Please!)