Sunday, July 28, 2013


It never even cracked seventy today. It's true that five months from now I'll say -- what exactly is the complaint here? -- but for the end of July, people are feeling gypped.

Still, I'd been away and when you're away, you always return to Great Transformations and this time it's like that as well.

It had rained a lot in my absence and so everything is even plusher! Here's a view toward the sheep shed (and the new flower bed):

DSC04145 - Version 2

And here's the view toward the farmhouse, improved by a few days of rain and brisk temperature readings.

DSC04146 - Version 2

I'm thinking this is the time to supplement breakfast with garden fruits and so I pick these:

DSC04150 - Version 2

...and these:

DSC04152 - Version 2

...for a morning meal like this:

DSC04165 - Version 2

The prairies around us are at their best right now. I pass them on rosie on my way to yoga and back.

DSC04168 - Version 2

And now it's near midnight and my eyes are drooping and my words here are likely to be jumbled and ridiculously incoherent. So just two more photos:

Here's Isis walking up to nag us about this or that.

DSC04175 - Version 2

And here's the young couple, over for Sunday dinner, though an indoor one.

DSC04182 - Version 2

So, not a wordy post, that's for sure. I didn't write about the game of tennis at our courts among the pines,  or about the beetle hunt in the new orchard.  But, the photos are up and the few words surrounding them are up too and considering how not awake I am right now -- why, that's quite an accomplishment!