Thursday, August 08, 2013

short and clean

To preserve a good balance (after days of wordiness), I'm keeping it nice and short today. The hefty thoughts and musings of the past few days have been replaced with simple bullet points:


DSC04514 - Version 2

Flowers. (To the commenter who want to plant for the fall, I say yes, there are asters, but do not forget about the H flowers! Helianthus, Helenium and Amsonia Hubrichtii -- the last one doesn't bloom in the fall but has a nice colorful leaf base then. And of course, I have my work horse annuals -- nasturtium, which just keep on giving until the first big frost.)

DSC04505 - Version 2

...With a closeup of Henry the frog (sorry, he just looks like a Henry).


Market (followed by tennis, but there is no need for you to see a photo of a mediocre game, so just market, with tomatoes the size of melons).

DSC04523 - Version 2

Farmer Lee's fields of flowers on the bike ride home.

DSC04526 - Version 2

And supper. With home grown meaty tomatoes of our own.

DSC04529 - Version 2

And for the entire day, I ought to add these running themes:

Working on the porch.

Chasing mosquitoes that we inadvertently let into the porch.

Studying possible discount flights to see if I should take off somewhere before the semester begins in September.

And there you have it. Short, simple and clean.