Monday, September 16, 2013


It was a welcome shower. If anything, I'd complain it wasn't long enough, forceful enough, deep enough to really get to the roots of the thirsty plants at the farmette.

Pouty skies: they let out a short drizzle, then clam up again. All day long.

And so I work.

But in the afternoon, I need a break. These are the last days when I can put in plants for a June bloom period. Bearded irises, for example. Dave, over at the Flower Factory promised he'd hunt me up some leftovers. Ed and I set out to pick them up.

Past fields of brown and just a touch of green.

DSC00599 - Version 2

The Flower Factory is ever tempting. It's like setting loose a kid in a candy shop.

DSC00601 - Version 2

Irises. Stick with those. No more other planting this year.

DSC00603 - Version 2

At the farmette, I have this deep gratitude for the late bloomers. I hardly plant for late summer at all and yet, come September, there's still plenty of color in the garden.

DSC00606 - Version 2

Evening. Ed has been waiting for me to help him lift some of the fabric under the far end of the raspberry patch. It shouldn't take long -- famous last words. We struggle with just one strip (you need to lift a lot of sod before you can get to the fabric) for half an hour and it is such heavy work that we give up the rest for another day.

Besides, I have dinner to fix for the four of us -- a Sunday meal, with my daughter and her husband. It's cold tonight. We eat inside.

DSC00607 - Version 2

The skies clear at night. And again we wake up to a bright and sunny day. A Wisconsin fall -- quintessentially upbeat. Quintessentially beautiful.

Breakfast. With a handful of strawberries from the patch.

DSC00616 - Version 2

DSC00619 - Version 2