Tuesday, September 17, 2013


When I moved to the farmhouse two and a half years ago, I dumped my storage contents on the basement floor and left it all there until some future date. You know storage stuff -- Christmas decorations. Suitcases and camping gear. The kitchen utensil you hardly ever use. Jigsaw puzzles, old dysfunctional computers, a picnic cooler.

Two days ago, as I climbed over boxes to look for a potato masher (Ed is about to make grape jam), I commented how nice it would be to one day organize it all and store it in amore accessible manner.

Three hours. It'll take me three hours to put up some sturdy shelves for you. This from Ed, as he sets out to Menards to pickup two by fours and threaded rods.

Right after breakfast, as I sigh deeply (deeply!) and sit down to work on my classes, Ed clamps and drills...

DSC00610 - Version 2

...and boom! By lunchtime, there are shelves. And we place all storage items neatly on the shelves and the world immediately feels safer, more organized, together. (Yes, I'm one of those who thrives when there is order.)

DSC00621 - Version 2

And this was the highlight of the day.

Unless you consider the predinner tennis game? My game was horribly bad but, the evening was beautiful, the secret forested courts were reassuring and back home, the flowers (those leading up to the sheep shed) got me thinking that in the scheme of things, being super busy isn't that awful. Agree? Hmmm, I'm not sure I agree either.

DSC00623 - Version 2

And in the morning, the sun is out again and we eat breakfast in the sun room.

DSC00631 - Version 2