Monday, September 30, 2013


Looking over the handful of photos from this day, I notice they're almost all of the man and the cat. Together or apart.

It happens that way sometimes.

It was an ambitious day for all three of us, summarized best in one word -- work.

Ed sawed umpteen strips of board for the roof project.  If you have never attempted to work a power saw, let me tell you, it is not a pretty sight. Loudy, dusty, and terribly dangerous if you don't keep your hands and fingers at a safe distance from the spinning blade.

An example of the man, taking a pause, mask and earcovers temporarily suspended.


Isis worked on coming in and out of the farmhouse and porch. Actually, when he is this undecided about where to while away the time, it's us who do the work.

DSC00902 - Version 2

DSC00897 - Version 2

In the late afternoon I was so distressed about missing out on this fantastic set of sunny days that I took my work outside. It never is quite as productive (all those distractions!), but it does feel good to be out where the action is.

DSC00900 - Version 2

And finally, in the evening, we went back to the tennis court in the pines. The Saturday rains brought down some of the spent White Pine needles and so the game truly felt as if it were in the thick of a forest. (Ed's in this shot as well, though only as a small prop to the main point of interest -- our most special little place of retreat.

DSC00905 - Version 2

I'll end with the one photo that has no one in it. Not even Farmer Lee. She often stays away from her fields on Sunday. So, just the last drying stalks of the flowers and vegetables that have made this bit of road so splendid for us in the years that she has worked here.

DSC00906 - vetsion 2

And yes, the day was that bright and beautiful!