Sunday, October 06, 2013

up on the (wet) roof, continued

All day long we played tag with the rain.

Breakfast in the sun room, but there's no sun today. A thick fog lifting just a bit to reveal darkening skies.

DSC01016 - Version 2

The radar shows a band of showers, but they should end in an hour.

(An hour later) We're clear for at least two. Let's go!
We're clamping down the glass panes on the roof with more butyl and screwed in boards. Delicate work. The screws cannot touch the glass.

DSC01022 - Version 2

Time and again the forecast is off. Right as we position ourselves on the wet boards, the rain comes back.
Let's finish this one and take a pause. Be careful! I say this now with even greater urgency. It's slippery out there!

I'm so focused on what we're doing that I barely appreciated how grand a rooftop view can be. We're looking out toward the barn and sheep shed. Same view as from the porch, only from a higher plane.

DSC01024 - Version 2

We do this stop and go work all day long. It rains. I read indoors. It stops. We go out. It starts, we get wet, we pause. And so on. By evening, I will have done my school work load for the day and we will have completed the clamping of all the glass panes thus far, adding two more panels to the lot. So now we have eleven down and five to go (for a total of sixteen; I'll get the number right yet!).

After supper, we run errands. A trip to my daughter's to babysit their cat.

DSC01026 - Version 2

Then a stop at Menard's (building supplies).  One-by-twos and, too, vinyl stripping for the roof edge.

My role in the roof project would have come to an end Sunday -- with the installation of the remaining panels, but we still have the problem of one nicked panel and no meeting of the minds as to what to do with it. At least Sunday promises us some clear skies. Whatever we decide will look more hopeful and bright in the golden light of the sun.