Sunday, October 13, 2013


I'm traveling again and so my posting is disrupted. I'll just put up three photos from today:

From the morning:

DSC05988 - Version 2

From the afternoon:

DSC06011 - Version 2

And from the evening:

DSC06051 - Version 2

The story, linking the three, is both heart warming and it gives me hope for the future of the human race. But you'll have to pick it up tomorrow, when I return to Madison.

Just one P.S. and it is really a comment to this idea that comes up every now and then -- one that was posted on Ann's blog just yesterday: the idea is that I sugarcoat reality. That I leave out the gritty.

I feel the need to comment on this. You, Ocean readers, you know that I avoid taking photos of scummy side of life. It's not that I don't notice it, but I don't really highlight it. And that's deliberate. What I truly believe is that people are proud of their homes, their villages, their surroundings. You, the outsider, walk in, all high and mighty, with your camera and you think you've discovered the underbelly. But you haven't. They, the people who live there, know their underbelly. Your perception of what's wrong with their picture is only your own take on that world. So isn't it better to try and see what it is that works so well for the people who live elsewhere? Isn't it better to try to understand what it is that they're proud of? And to deliberately look for it, rather than to highlight what we find odd, or off-putting?

It could be that I am wrong to write in the way that I do. But actually, I find it very honest and real.

Until tomorrow then!