Wednesday, October 23, 2013

more frosty thoughts

The first night's frost is a big deal.

The second night's frost is nothing more than a checked off moment in a string of frosty nights that will stretch, most likely, all the way until April. Rare will be the night when it doesn't dip below freezing.

When you wake up on these frosty mornings, a hot shower is sublime and it warms you up for a good hour or two. I don't touch the thermostat until the shower effects wear off, sometime after breakfast.

Yeah, breakfast. In the sun room.

DSC01351 - Version 2

But the hot shower glow does eventually wear off. And then you have to really work up the courage to choose rosie over the car to go to campus. It helps if there are wisps of sunshine.

DSC01353 - Version 2

You try not to think about how that sunshine wont be there to help you by the time you're heading home.

But I have to say, accustomed as I am right now to frost at night, I am not quite sure what to make of this, as viewed from my office window this afternoon.

DSC01359 - Version 2

Snow showers.

Rosie, I'm sorry. I meant well.

I am lucky. The snow shower passes by the time I ride home. I can see it retreating, there, over the lesser lake.

DSC01360 - Version 2

I'm home now. Yeah. Home.