Sunday, November 03, 2013


Within the usual, a dose of the unusual.

Misty morning. Cold. Faintly sunny for once.

DSC01537 - Version 2

Later in the morning: so bright! You still think November is a drag?

DSC01541 - Version 2

I have a rather different midday Sunday: a lunch with colleagues. By the lake.

DSC01549 - Version 2

It's unusual for me to eat lunch and with colleagues and on Sunday. But, today has the unusual up and down its face and so here I am. What, can't see me or us? Well, I have long assumed that colleagues don't like random photos and so I keep my camera tucked away. But I can always photograph myself. And when there's a mirror, I get tempted!


After, I work, despite the gloriousness of the day.  Here, look how golden the farmhouse looks -- from out front (a view I rarely photograph).

DSC01559 - Version 2

In the late afternoon, which surely these days feels like early evening, I suggest we do something hugely energetic. Like bike full speed to the tennis courts, play a hefty game there and then bike like crazy back home.

We do it, but I offer several comments on this: first, my "bike like crazy" is like Ed's "pedal and yawn." So the only one who panted was me.

Then, at the hidden tennis courts, we came across a group of young people at one of the courts. They have a rubber ball, the size of a basketball and they use both hands or feet to help it across the net. Incredible fun. Where were these people when I was that age?

Ed and I play a good tennis game, considering my abilities (or lack thereof). Solid. I'm proud of solid.

And we bike home. I work some more and we eat a quiet supper alone. My daughter has a Sunday working dinner. No, nothing about this day follows a pattern.

Darkness comes early. That at least is very November-like. The shadowy month, promising nothing at all, except a colder season ahead of us.