Tuesday, November 12, 2013


You know by now that Tuesdays this semester are my burrs, my most stressful work-packed days, my moments of madness and furious efforts to get on top of things.

So understand why these shots are important -- it's our modest most peaceful time -- breakfast.

DSC01774 - Version 2

After -- I again sit at the kitchen table and occasionally look out at the world outside. Tired of my robins? Okay, a non-robin photo. This dude is in the rose bushes.

DSC01775 - Version 2

The  outdoor thermometer that we rely on shows that we never get above freezing on this day. The fun little snow-shower from yesterday never fully melted, despite today's sunshine.

DSC01783 - Version 2

The days will grow a tad warmer again. And definitely they'll slow down for me. In the meantime, I'm a mess of tangled work strands.   And for today -- cold patches of snow.