Friday, November 15, 2013


In winter (and let's face it -- we're close enough to that season that we can dispense with the Fall talk), weather matters to everyone. Summer is different that way. During summer, farmers care. Those who live in tornado belts care. Vacationers care. The rest of us take it as it comes and barely remember later which day was over the top lovely and which was just, you, know, summer-like.

In winter, eyes strain to watch for snow or sleet. We crave sunshine. It lifts us up and carries us forward toward April. Give me a sunny winter day and I'm okay with everything else.

Well now, today is just such a sunny day. And so I'm okay with everything else.

That includes breakfast alone, because Ed slept too late and was then late for a meeting.


And it includes the countless tasks and chores that comprise the better part of life for everyone.

And finally it includes reinventing travel plans because suddenly, airfares plunged for 2014, but they plunged only to one place and so perhaps predictably, Ed and I will be going to that one place.

In the evening, we bike to the library.


And once again I borrowe a book I desperately want to read and once again Ed will be the one reading it because, well, because I'm not retired yet.

But it is a glorious day. A beautiful, warm-ish, sunny day.

The moon shines brightly on the farmette tonight.

DSC01814 - Version 2

And on Berkeley too, I hope. Happy birthday, Mom! One more decade and you will be 100 and I will insist that you celebrate that one!