Monday, November 18, 2013

is this all I can give you?

Do you know that the phrase from the title line can be applied to any number of vignettes from your day?

For example: as I type my daily post here, on Ocean, on days that are swamped with work and the best of the best comes from breakfast, I wonder -- is this all I can give you?

DSC01849 - Version 2


Or, when I finalize travel plans for this winter and I watch Ed burrow his head in a book in mock disinterest -- I may well ask the same thing.

Too, when I throw together leftover chicken, spinach, frozen garden tomatoes (always with garlic, olive oil, parmesan) over pasta for dinner -- it's back to that question.


If we stare our limitations straight on, we can see where we could add a little more. Cups that could be topped. Conversations that could be improved upon.

Damn. Not good to review the day in this way. Better to focus on the stuff over which I had little control.

Like the emerging winter blooms:

The nasturtium, after being snipped from the outside in early fall:

DSC01847 - Version 2

The "Christmas Cactus" that's all screwed up and thinks Thanksgiving and Christmas are one and the same.

DSC01848 - Version 2

You've noticed that they're all indoor shots. Well yes, it was that kind of a day. Despite the sunshine, I was stuck at the kitchen table with work books. I hate to admit it, but the only, the only time I ventured outdoors was to empty the compost bucket.

But it was a grand (five minute) walk!




The farmette always gives everything of herself. It's us mortals who struggle to get it right.