Sunday, December 01, 2013

a blurr

Crazy Sunday.

Intense cleaning at the farmhouse: I had Ed take apart the drain in the bathroom so that we could do a thorough swipe of any grime. (It was a messy job.) And the usual dusting and vacuuming and who knows what else. When we finished, it was lunch time. Even as for us, it was breakfast.

DSC02100 - Version 2

It looked to be a nice day, but we had almost none of it. Except for a walk to the compost pile.

DSC02103 - Version 2

Later, I help my girl pick out a Christmas tree for their home.

DSC02101 - Version 2

We speculate whether their recently adopted cat would knock down a decorated tree.  
Nah... (I'll let you know if I'm proven wrong.)

Finally, in the evening, I speed through a few hours of work, then a spirited game of bowling with Ed and finally an easy spaghetti dinner with my girl and her husband. In an unusual move, I suggest we pull up our plates and watch the sort of insane but nonetheless fun show Amazing Race.


Are there any hours left in the day? I don't think so. Oh dear, that's not good. I have quite a bit of work left for tonight!

Sleep well, Ocean friends! Back to my tasks now...