Monday, December 02, 2013


I went nowhere, I did nothing, nothing at all except eat, take quick Internet breaks and sit at the kitchen table and work.

So that all you could possibly eek out of me tonight is a photo of breakfast. Or rather of Ed at breakfast. What would I do without his kind acquiescence in the morning!


I even skipped the Law School holiday party because I just did not have the time for it.

My only consolation, only consolation is that I will never have such crazy Mondays again. Or, at least they wont be crazy for reasons of work.

I have to say,  it is mildly sad that I did not go to the party -- will I even see most of my colleagues again? I'm not one to hang around when I have made the decision to leave...

No matter. Work certainly swept its grimy hand over my waking hours.

And so there you have it: a pathetic posting where the biggest news is that my butt hurts from sitting on a hard chair all day.