Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Write quickly now, before my still jet lagged senses shut down for the night.

Breakfast, in the sun room (with a new little cloth spread over the round table):

DSC02203 - Version 2

DSC02206 - Version 2

Next -- a major organizational roundup. I'd call it cleanup, but it's more than that. Stacks of papers, piles of books, clothes, oh everything -- all out of order.

So this was the morning: ordering things and then polishing it all up. Ending with a prominent setting of the plant we use as a Christmas tree.

DSC02207 - Version 2

One glance outdoors and I see that it's a sunny day. Warmer than the previous two. Touching thirty maybe.

DSC02208 - Version 2

It's impossible to stay indoors. There is a new layer of snow and I once more (perhaps for the last time?) climb up on the porch roof to sweep it off. And then I just want more of the outdoors.

And so we go skiing again.

DSC02216 - Version 2

DSC02219 - Version 2

And that's just grand, except that I have my sixth floor (where I worked) friends from the Law School coming over for supper. And so after the skiing, time gets a bit tight. I don't even pause to take many photos. It is one huge sprint to bake the cornbread, poach the pears, roast the fish, make the sauce for it.

DSC02229 - Version 2
the cornbread -- with apples and onion

DSC02226 - Version 2
the pears, in honey and wine

The friends come and it is a merry time of of reminiscing and poem reading (on retiring) and then we call it quits because they have to be at the office tomorrow morning. Not me. That "have to be at work" schedule belongs to the past.

I'll be picking up exams to grade tomorrow or the next day, but I'm not at all stressed by this. It's the last bunch. And after, I'll turn my face toward the projects that I'm lining up for the years before me.