Monday, December 23, 2013


Ed is still sleeping, Isis has had his breakfast. I step outside to dust off the walkway from the most beautiful delicate layer of snow -- the kind where you can almost see each crystal, gently placed, one on top of the next.

DSC02396 - Version 2

And it comes to me then that perhaps I really am happiest with all seasons. That so long as there is a warm farmhouse waiting, I hardly mind at all the winter cold, even as it freezes my wet hair this morning and most assuredly I do not mind the snow.

DSC02395 - Version 2

I go back inside and start breakfast.

DSC02400 - Version 2

And I set to the task of making tonight's dessert -- Crepes Suzette.

DSC02409 - Version 2

Everything about tonight's meal has a comfy retro feel to it. But I wont write more just now.
After I'm done with the crepes, I pack them up, along with odds and ends and head out to my daughter's home. She, her husband, and my littlest one and fiancee are driving up for a Madison Christmas. Tonight. I'll write about that tomorrow.

In the meantime, merry day before Christmas Eve! Don't let all those last minute ads in your email get to you. Ignore them, go outside. Happiest holidays to you, from the farmette, which looks glorious right now!

DSC02405 - Version 2