Thursday, January 09, 2014


I love seasons. I do. I'm one of the few that didn't even especially mind the polar vortex! But I do think that during winter, I simply forget (in other words block) how heavenly is to live more or less outdoors: to take the computer to a deck or porch, to walk on a whim, without coat, fuss or bother, to go in, go out, go in, go out all day long.

So of course, with my friend down south, by the sea, I am luxuriating in the effortlessness of slipping out early in the morning, to catch the overcast but warm air. A snapshopt from that: in the lagoon, a bird on a rope:


And then my friend and I eat breakfast...


And after, we both go out and this time we take a seaside path...


And we spend a considerable amount of time watching the birds, always a vaudeville show of hilarity and charm...





...and then turn around and return, ankle deep in water.

I mean, it's heaven to a starved for warm air soul. Even as I do love Wisconsin! All season! I do!

But it is great to be here for this interlude in Florida.

Not many words today -- no time left in the day for that. But I will take you back to the sea as I walk yet again, for miles (my friend has to work), from lunch until sunset. Here are pieces of that walk, to keep us all warm until spring:








In the evening, my friend cooks dinner at home and it's all such luxury because I do nothing at all (except continue to try to learn Lightroom5, resulting in a corruption of all my flicker/lightroom photos -- sorry evening Ocean readers! --  but this is the way it is when you learn new things: you stumble).

A huge thanks to these guys for hosting me here for this heavenly spell in their beautiful little white house by the sea:


Tomorrow morning I fly back to Wisconsin.


  1. Your bird pictures are stunningly wonderful! My favorite is the bird on the rope, maybe simply because it was the first one and made me gasp.

    What a wonderful escape! Short but like a jewel!

  2. Pure delight. Next time, stay longer!! Love the sunset and all the birds. ox

  3. What wonderful photos! My favorite is also the first one, of the white bird on the rope/cord. I love the colors of the water. Your Florida timing is perfect; the temperatures were lower before you arrived (but, of course, they were still 70 degrees higher than Madison.) So glad you didn't miss that flight!

  4. Stunning bird pics, especially the reflected one. But I also love the boardwalk. Oh, and the fisherpersons, and the guy with the shovel-thingy, and sails on the horizon.

  5. I love the colors of the one with the man on the beach. I think I could live in Florida someday.

  6. Nina - The first bird is a Snowy Egret, much beloved by Wisconsin birdwatchers since it is so rare up here. I especially like this bird because one distinguishes it from the other white herons/egrets because of its "Golden Slippers". I'm not sure why birders say Golden Slippers instead of Yellow Feet, but that is part of the charm of it all.

  7. Beautiful snowy egret photo - you caught him balancing on his rope and the water makes an interesting backdrop. I know that feeling of relishing the warmth when you have arrived from the frigid north - lovely!

  8. I have 3 fave photos... the lone sailboat off in the distance, stunning - the boardwalk (great composition), and the best: Mr. Daddy-Long-Legs (? egret?) taking off over the water... those legs!


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