Saturday, February 15, 2014

skies of blue

There is no question that a sunny day at frigid temperatures feels warmer than a gloomy gray day at warmer readings.

So that despite the near zero readings, I pushed for us to go out. Now. Early. Because later there would be clouds.

How can you not love a day that looks like this?

farmette winter-1.jpg

Breakfast. Late, because I am distracted and Ed is slow moving and Isis -- well, Isis gets us to feed him at all strange hours, so he is not a formal participant in the morning meal.

farmette winter-6.jpg

A few more distractions and we're off - first to release yet another mouse (can we be done now??)...

farmette winter-9.jpg

...then to ski. On mostly flat terrain, to lessen the possibilities of a fall.

It is, in the end, such a beautiful day to be outside!

farmette winter-17.jpg

Supper. I haven't blogged a supper in a while. What are we eating these days? No surprises there: the salad. And today -- pureed cauliflower soup (which, with grated parmesan, but no milks or creams, is terrific).

farmette winter-22.jpg

They win me over, these calm, winter days. The excitement isn't in what you do, but in merely waking up and imagining the possibilities. And on a bright, blue-skied day, they are tremendous.