Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday: the wedding, part 1


Finally, the mystery is resolved: no more concentrated studying of the weather systems. No more speculation. No more worry. We know that it will rain today at some point and it will happen randomly, hit or miss, not continuously, but enough to give the wedding coordinators last minute headaches if indeed two minutes before the ceremony the rains will start. Or stop. Because it will be one, or the other and knowing that, has sucked the anxiety out of my entire being. I no longer worry. I am happy.

I wake up to a foggy day.


(Scotch wants to know: why is there a tent over the raspberries?)

Wake up is actually the wrong phrase -- I slept very little. I worried. Not only about the weather, but, too, about the willow. Neither Ed nor I were at peace with having guests sit under its weeping folds. There have been too many branches loosened as a result of the storms, ready to descend. True, only one per day does come down, but my "what are the chances" game isn't very convincing when we have two tornadoes go through this past week and the chances of that happening in Madison are very very small.

Consultations follow. With the couple. With other members of the family. With friends. With the wedding coordinator. But ultimately it is our call and we say -- move the whole thing out from under the tree.

And so they do that. And the new arrangement is no longer this:


It's this:


Then follows a chaos of detail, but a pleasant chaos because being free of worry makes everything else manageable.

And finally, at noon, my daughters and the future mother in law gather here:


...our local hair place that will style hair and do make up for us.



And slowly we move into the afternoon.

Just Before

I drive home past fields of beautiful flowers.


True, my big flower bed fell behind schedule in the same way that the corn growing all around us fell behind schedule, but I can appreciate wild flowers anywhere and I can look forward to flowers blooming  at the farmette in the weeks to come.

The daughters arrive. We get dressed.

The Wedding

I'll have to post about it tomorrow. Right now, it's about to begin!