Sunday, August 10, 2014


It's almost as if I'm working again: I wake to a Sunday that marks the closure of a weekend, a wonderful week-end at that, an ending, rather than just another day resembling very much those before it and those ahead.

I'm sure my visit reshuffles the schedule of the young couple here, in the Twin Cities. Sunday brunch at 10 a.m. seems terribly early for those who treasure the rare day where no schedule is imposed by work. But they never complain, never indicate anything but delight in spending these precious few free hours together with their farmette visitor.

And so we leave their most special home, a married couple's home...


...for one last brunch together, this one at Heyday...


And of course, I take out the camera -- how can I not? Here is their patient realization that I am again aiming for a photo...


...and here's where they give me that precious pose, which is no pose at all, as they really are that happy.


Delicious foods, delicious company and then -- onwards and upwards! To the bus stop.

The bus ride home? Only 20 minutes late -- blame it on the Chicagoans clogging the highway on their end of weekend run from up north Wisconsin, back to the city.

Home now. Just two days later and still, it all looks different. Two days closer to Fall. August sets those thoughts already. Anticipating the next season.