Wednesday, August 13, 2014

eating habits

(at sunrise, out the upstairs windows)


We bring our lunch to the porch today. Leftovers for Ed -- gnocchi from Monday's dinner. Isis sits at our feet, patient, but very much wanting a taste. And of course, Ed acquiesces. And sure enough, the cat that rejects most every cat food on the market, lovingly cradles in his mouth, then swallows appreciatively the potato dumplings, smothered in a light tomato and mushroom sauce, heavily sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan.

There isn't enough for Ed to eat after that and so he distributes the remains between the cheepers.

The farmette animals follow a strange diet.


The evening meal on a Wednesday is a challenge. Ed often bikes on this day and doesn't get back until late. Sometimes hungry, sometimes not so much. So I make a farmette Ni├žoise salad. Using all farmette ingredients: tomatoes of course. Beans from our bean teepee.


Potatoes from the field out back, eggs from the cheepers. I skip the fish component. (There are no fish on the farmette.)

I settle in to watch the tail end of the PBS News Hour and eat my half of the salad.

Isis comes over.
What, do tell me, is appetizing here for you? It's not as if there's any tuna or anchoives!


It's the potatoes. He's in that kind of a mood! I give him some, smothered in juices of the garden tomato and a dash of olive oil. His palate is definitely evolving. The cat's unstoppable!


You think I forgot about breakfast? Never!


And after, a walk through the garden. (It needs water again. Sigh...)



And still later -- a bike ride. Because even though I don't keep a step counter at my hip anymore, I know I'm not moving around enough by going from porch to yard to kitchen. Besides, it really is beautiful out there.

prairie, just up the road

truck farmers, working the fields to the east of the farmette

a friend along the road

There you have it: a day in three meals. And a little bit more.

One last photo, of that special slant of sunlight that tells us it's almost Autumn.