Sunday, September 07, 2014

what if...

It is, in all ways, a perfect day for the porch. And I have to admit, I spent most of the daylight hours out there.

Predictably, for breakfast.


And thereafter.

Oh, I tried to be more expansive. It's time to trim back some of the spent flowers that will offer a quick rebloom this Fall if you let them. But the bugs hovered too close to my face, my legs, my arms and after a few armloads of dried stalks, I gave up. The garden may well have to stay this way until October, when the bugs will finally be gone.

(the Fall bloomers)

Too, I had a writer's chore to complete: a straight read through of my written work, concentrating especially on the first ten pages. Because what if someone did become interested in seeing a chapter or two? I should have something to send them, no?

So I sat all day long -- a terrible thing to do on a beautiful fall day, but there you have it. Two more days of this and I'm ready to stuff the pages in an envelope. In case someone asks me to do just that...

In the evening, perhaps worrying that I've become forever molded into a reclining position...
(not surprising, considering our earlier conversation:
We need a larger coop. It's hard for me to squat to clean this one.
Why don't you kneel?
Gross! There's chicken poop near the coop.

People in certain countries squat until the day they die.
We are not living in those countries.
Practice squatting more.
From a whole day of sitting to squatting practice. Just what I need... and so on)

...Ed suggests a more vigorous game of tennis. Ah, tennis! How it has come to save our days from the sedentary slough that both our projects have lead us to!


I take a deep breath in that thicket of pines and do my little dance numbers as Ed chases balls that have gone astray. We have only one more week left together before I go off on my solo voyages. I am so glad that it is a time of such gorgeous days! Absolutely gorgeous.

(the brood: Ed with Oreo, the hens, Isis, and a drying rug)