Thursday, September 11, 2014

days fly

After a day like this, I need a vacation!

If asked what took up most of the waking hours, I would have to admit it -- staring at the computer. Things had piled up. Emails, comments, transactions -- all of it, right there in front of me, keeping me glued to the kitchen table from breakfast until evening.

The flood of internet activity couldn't have come at a better time: it was the first of the suddenly cold days and I think it really gripped us all by the gut. That cold?! So soon?! Not only did I stay indoors, but I even turned on the heat. Fifty degrees outside is tolerable, but that translates to sixty inside, which is just a tad too cool for my summer warmed bones.

Breakfast was indoors.

(a fake grin, but a sincere good mood)

I have a few photos for you: of cheepers anxious for their daily allotment of stale bread and granola bits.


Of the pretty fall colors in the garden.


Of just 0.005 % of the tomatoes we picked today.


Of the market beans I bought when Ed and I went to our late afternoon local farmers market. (Because they're so perfect. I mean, what beans are that neatly formed?)


Of our beloved farmhouse.


I do not have photos of our tennis game, which hands down was the worst I played this summer (I blame it on the fact that I forgot my shoes and thus had to run in stocking feet, so to speak.) Nor of the meeting we attended this evening, for which I once again felt compelled to prepare a citizen's opinion on the matter of development that produces run off into our lakes. (It being Madison, we listened as well to arguments in favor of growing hemp instead of building more houses and, too, a professor assuring us that sperm count is on the decline so we should plan for smaller growth henceforth.) It just wasn't a photogenic opportunity.

Days fly, really they do. I thought they'd crawl in a delightfully slow fashion once I stopped teaching, but they don't do that. It's okay. I'm used to flying. Like it or not, we all have to fly to get to interesting places.