Saturday, December 20, 2014

a year of not doing yoga

Last night I attacked gift wrapping. With the DVD Love, Actually running its course in the background, I managed to do the whole job in that one evening. Yes, I'm talking about these:


But at the end, as I raised myself off the floor, to my horror, I noticed that I had completely stiffened. I felt like I had aged maybe forty years, right there to the tune of God only knows what I'd do without you...

Well now, that wont do.

The problem with people like me is that because we feel ourselves to be active -- walking, hiking often hours each day (for me, this is routine during travel) -- we become complacent about other forms of exercise. And if you don't use a muscle group, or if you give your joints too long a vacation, well, they rebel: how come the leg muscles got a work out while we languish at the side?!

Suddenly, yoga becomes something more than a mere mood cleanser. It's been a year since I attended classes and I'm paying the price for it. that after breakfast...


(ours and theirs...)


...and after a few odd chores, I put on my favorite youtube yoga video and get to work. Yes, I should return to formal yoga class, but right now I'm too ashamed about how much I've strayed away from the routines. It's like attending alcoholics anonymous right after you've had a year of binge drinking. There surely is guilt to recon with. So, I moan and groan in my very private yoga session and at the end of the hour, feel like thirty out of the forty added years had been tossed out once more.

 (While the hens gossip...)


(and the cat watches...)


In the late afternoon, Ed and I venture out to Target to upgrade some of our ratty bed coverings. I had washed out lumpy pillows (who knew that you could/should wash your pillows!) and I had finally convinced him that ripped cases needed to be tossed.

And since Target and our favorite bowling place are not that far apart, we stop by to put in a game (actually five games) at the alley. It's wonderful to start off with the world's worst score and to watch it improve with each game. It's so rare that you can sit back and reflect how good work pays off!

It's late when we get home. True, the sun yet again stayed behind thick clouds all day long, but in the evening, you hardly notice it. The warm glow of the house beckons. The lights twinkle on and off.