Friday, December 26, 2014


As if this set of days hadn't provided enough warmth and generous spirit already, today threw in the cherry on top -- something so luxurious and decadent that I don't know if I can properly describe all the fine detail and trimmings. You'll just have to believe me: it was over the top grand. Let me lead up to it:

First, it didn't take long to understand that it would be a fine day. Just waking up to a sky clear enough to display sunlight was a treat. I actually volunteered to let the chickens out. It was wonderful to look out east just after 7...



But you wont get a breakfast photo of Ed today. My girls wanted a breakfast out in a diner and several of the men dropped out of the outing. Not everyone thinks the half hour drive across town is worth the rather standard fare, but we do. So our own small group gathered at Hubbard Avenue Diner and this was already deliciously fun...


And now here comes the good part.


No no, not that -- I mean yes, the photos are always wonderful, but there's more: we went to my older girl's home to hang out.

That's it.

The cats were curious, coming in occasionally to check on us...

(all whiskers and ribbons)

...but otherwise, it was just us -- with no agenda. No task, no plan, no burning questions. We looked at the array of cookbooks Santa had variously delivered, and babybooks, and no books at all, and we commented on every inconsequential point and topic and honestly, I cannot remember when we last had this luxury of time together -- nothing more nothing less, just time.



It was heaven.

To be tucked away and remembered for the ages.