Monday, December 29, 2014

catch up

The first thing I did this morning is get up and freeze. I was not prepared for the sudden nip in the air when I went out to set the cheepers free. Jacket for sure next time!





And then, after a wonderful breakfast...


...I hunkered down to write. I had this story idea several days ago and I did with it what I always do -- I put it down in draft form. It was awful.

Typically, when this happens, I return to it again and again until I'm satisfied that it's not an embarrassment to the human race. You know, in case we implode and some future Martian finds it as an example of the written form.

But this year, Christmas took all my emotions and energy out of writing and into family and fun and so the bad story festered.

Until today. Now it's no longer an embarrassment. I will eventually find a home for it, but at least that future Martian will no longer think that we were weak in our abilities to formulate sentences.

Ed and I had wanted to bowl this afternoon but both of us were so lost in our projects that time came, time went, and eventually time disappeared.

So here I am, touting chicken photos again. Just know they are sweet, sweet chickens. Spoiled to death, sure...


But ever so sweet and earnest.