Friday, March 20, 2015

tiny delay

I am aware that for regular Ocean readers, predictability as to postings is valuable and checking for an update is boring. So a heads up here: though when in Europe, I typically post during my mornings (I am currently five hours ahead of Madison time), today I have a train to catch and I want to edit my writing a bit during the long journey east.

This little post is, therefore, just a tease, asking for your patience. In the meantime, consider the dog I observed just sitting there patiently, watching the tiny waves roll in from the sea:


What was he waiting for? I don't know, but wait he did, dreaming doggie dreams, displaying utter calm.

I'll be back with a real post later in the day.


  1. If we all went down to the seaside and just sat there waiting patiently like the little black dog, we'd probably be able to get off all our phychological drugs and crutches! Dogs know stuff... they are smart creatures. We'd benefit from emulating the dogs of this world, they are pure natural knowledge and wisdom.

    Have a save and fulfilling train trip! See you at the other end!

  2. Nina, in your picture I notice two things floating in the water, directly in line with the dog. Maybe they're bouys or floats of some kind? Anyhow, it appears those are what he's looking at.


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