Monday, April 27, 2015


If what follows is a string of posts that have one theme and one theme only, forgive me. We have a set of sunny days, warm days, blossoming days and life this week takes on that sweetness that reads like a gentle book -- a feel good book, with the same old story, one that you hope you never have to put down.

The cheepers are in that same springtime trance. Oreo's rough edges remain well concealed and the pack moves from favorite spot to favorite spot, sometimes getting bread from me...


...sometimes getting nothing at all except a dose of the familiar.

After breakfast...


...I go to a local greenhouse that I think has the best assortment of annuals. I am confident that the good weather is here to stay. I want to start filling my flower tubs.


Today I just look and pick a few small containers. In the days ahead, I'll return to planting.

(cheepers! get off the alyssum and pansies!)

(ready to plant)

Then, of course, there's that wonderful afternoon I spend with Snowdrop, whose nickname now is but a reminder of the month of her birth. She is the flower that never fades, never loses its petals. She just keeps on going!


... rewarding me with fist-in-mouth smiles.


We go for a walk around the lake with her mom and this, too, is lovely, effortless...

("oh, go ahead, grandma... take the photo!")

And finally, back at her home, we sing. I swear, mouthing words with big vowels really gets that girl going! Her attempt at imitation is beautiful!


Evening at the farmhouse. The cheepers move slowly toward the coop. It's quiet. There is a smell of fresh growth. Of cherry blossoms and new strawberry shoots. And it will continue, tomorrow and the next day. Utterly bucolic.


  1. Dimples! Snowdrop has symmetrical dimples! I never noticed it before, but it is clear in your last photo in this post. Perhaps I missed it in earlier photos, or I missed some days has been busy.

  2. Day after day your photos of delightfully beautiful Snowdrop bring the warmth of sunshine to my day. She would certainly win any contest for cutest baby!

  3. I envy your optimism about the Spring weather... no planting here yet!

    I love the Snowdrop pictures (as always) and am now engaged in a fun Jim Brandenburg-type project... each day choose my one favorite. Today it's between Pushup and Stroller... Pushup wins today, but I'm fascinated by the characteristic outdoor Stroller expression, so I'll keep a special eye on how that evolves as weather warms.

  4. So glad Barbara pointed out the dimples. Yes, they're so cute! And yes, her hair is definitely going blonde now.

    Yes, I'm pretty sure our good weather is going to hold, too. Also time for us to start looking for flowers for our deck. Yay! Days and evenings out on the deck has begun! :D

    1. Yes, she has her Daddy's chin dimple, Cute!cute!

  5. All of us gardeners, and REALLY all of our preschoolers, are super happy about the weather this week, and for the foreseeable future as well...but who is happier than my Grandpup Rocky?? He gives new meaning to the concept of "joyful". You can imagine him here, rolling in the grass, following the scent of our many resident garden bunnies, stretching out under the sun. And you'll have to say "ahhhh"...


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