Friday, April 03, 2015

Friday permutations

One must make allowances for April. As we take a twenty-plus degree plunge back into the forties, I try not to compare and contrast this to yesterday's sunny and warm weather. Never mind -- a month ago I would have felt jubilant if we simply crept over the freezing point.

Breakfast is in the sun room, but the wisps of sunshine are far and few and I had to compensate by bringing in the daffodils.


But if the weather can't oblige, you can ignore it and concentrate on all the other good points to the day. For example, my wonderful friend is in town and this is just too perfect, as it's been a very long time since I could sit down, cup of tea in hand and just spill out those words that often lay dormant until you're with someone who knows you inside out.


Snowdrop offers another great opportunity for boosting the worth of a day beyond its weather coordinates.

She is at the farmhouse again...

("grandma, I'm skeptical about this story...")

...and she smiles, grabs, chortles and I do all that right back at her. (Why grab the small, when you can grab the big? Like her friend Penguin, for example?)


Ed says we look adorable chortling at each other, but I think he's just never been around a grandma chortling along with her granddaughter, so his range of comparisons is small.

I tell him he looks pretty adorable with her on his chest.


Less smooth is our daily excursion out with the stroller: I have a warm jacket for Snowdrop and I take out the blanket once more and she is so primed for that walk of ours...


But the wind is too strong and after the nth time of adjusting the blanket around her after a gust of wind causes it to fly up and away, I give up. We return home. On my way in, I introduce her again to the cheepers, who for some reason are waiting at the walkway for our return.


And here's something remarkable: I notice (though I doubt that she notices) the first blooming daffodil in the garden! That's nearly two weeks earlier than last year!


We are on schedule for a timely progression of spring weather.

Even as the rest of the afternoon and evening are spent indoors.


Snowdrop is just fine with that!


  1. Wonderful to see our dear friend looking lovely (as always) and to know you two were together today. ox

  2. Glad you were able to spend some time with your friend. What a sweet picture of her!

    And what big smiles from Snowdrop! Obviously she was having a lovely day with you, today.

  3. Your friend has such a lovely, kind face. and I wantwantwant that scarf!
    I am a "scarf person". I was a little miffed ;) when scarves became so trendy, because before that I kinda thought they were my trademark - back when we wore all black all the time and a scarf was my individual expression. They still are fun!

    To answer your question from yesterday, we drove down through Kentucky and Tennessee, meandering, chasing springtime. Blues skies and warm every day, the rich green of horse country, the flowering of the Vanderbilt campus, and of course great food and music. Nope, not country music :) Travel days were bracketed by family days, joyful!!

    Speaking of joyful.. Your little girl! She's a giggler, isn't she? Our little girl is a bright-eyed intent observer, but you have to coax those smiles out of her. Especially now that she's stuffing as much of her hands in her mouth as she possibly can, chomping on them and making new noises. And a whole roomful of adults are enthralled.

    1. My first thoughts, too, Joy - that Nina's friend has such a lovely, kind face. Difference is - I didn't want the scarf, I wanted to join them! :)

      Joy, I live on Monteagle Mountain in Tennessee. I have kin in Nashville and am all too familiar with the Vanderbilt campus. Beautiful country.

  4. No daffodils yet in Buffalo... snowdrops snd crocuses finally out from under the snow and opening!

    Snowdrop looks more and more alert every day... is it my imagination or is she starting to look more and more girlish? Maybe it's those French dresses!

  5. Even more in these photos than ever before, Snowdrop looks like a mini-eldest-daughter to me. She and her Mum will look like sisters in 15 or so years!

  6. Such good comments and here I am, pushing the midnight hour, too tired to say much beyond a one big thank you!


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