Saturday, April 04, 2015

on this day...

On this day, I told Isie boy that if he disturbs my sleep by meowing in my face four times during the night again, I'll banish him to the sheep shed.

We eat breakfast in the sun room because because because -- it is full of sunshine!


On this day, I work hard on clearing ALL my flower beds from spent growth and accumulated leaves. I opt for doing them all, if not very thoroughly, rather than doing just some with meticulous care.


My arms will feel the pain tomorrow, that's for sure.

On this day, too, Snowdrop comes over to the farmhouse. Oh, the things she gets into! There are the books...

("hmm, how can I put this in my mouth...")

Mousie, too, gets a very wet, slobbery kiss.


Then there's the dancing moose....


All those games, kicks and slobbery kisses... It's exhausting!


But a solid lunch puts her in a good mood once more.

("power to the little people!")

Since the sun is out (initially), I'm thinking --  it would be a good time to take her out for a longer walk. I put on her sweater. She is psyched!


But the wind picks up and the clouds take hold and suddenly I think little Snowdrop is way underdressed! I take off my fleece and wrap it around her legs. And now I have to really sprint to keep my bare arms warm.


On this day, I appreciate the fact that I've kept a spare pair of jammies at home for her. All that lunch? Well now, no diaper could contain that! Time for a clothing change. (My, but the English love flowers on their fabrics!)


In other news, on this day I drop a banana on Snowdrop's head. So now I'm going to show her off with bits of banana in her hair.

Show her off? Well yes, to my visiting friend --  and her Madison family, who are having a Passover-ish dinner tonight. I'm there and I bring Snowdrop and eventually my daughter (who has been out of town) and her husband join us and it's so terrific to eat wonderfully prepared food and to be in the company of family, even if it's not your family, but it may as well be, because I have known these people for such a very long time!


Snowdrop has had a wealth of new experiences these past few days. On this day, she is just short of three months. A rich and beautiful three months!


  1. That is a wonderful dinner picture, and it is even more wonderful that you and Snowdrop's family joined us!!

  2. Power to the little people... love it!

  3. When I think about what the future holds for Snowdrop, she is one lucky little girl. An international lifestyle for sure and lots of loving family/friends to share it with. xox

  4. Ed is looking snazzy today, with his hair combed. He's trying to impress you, Nina. ;) He reminds me a great deal of my own DH, Bri. Especially since Bri recently started growing a beard. (SS30 calls it his "mountain man" look. ;D )

    Little Snowdrop was certainly having a good day, too. I'm thinking dropping a banana on her wasn't a big thing. And she even looks like she's enjoying being outside more.

    Your dinner with your family/friends looks lovely! Those kinds of friends are so special to have. They really are family, in its best and fullest sense.

  5. Oh, I wish I could forget the time I helped a friend's family prepare the Passover table. Beth's mother asked me to iron the damask cloth RIGHT ON the table, and I left a scorch mark. In my defense, I was 10. But I still remember how sorry I was. Beth's mother, a really kind lady, was like "who cares? put this bowl on top of it."
    Beth ended up working with Dr. deBakey, the heart transplant pioneer. Her brother became a Colonel in the Air Force. So their mother was truly a Cool Mom of successful children.
    "Cool" means here: putting things in perspective. A life lesson for me.


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