Sunday, April 05, 2015


For many of us, it's Easter Sunday, so let's start off with a very Easter-ish photo:


It is the only blooming daffodil at the farmette, but it holds its head up high, as if inviting the others to take courage and follow along!

Breakfast -- sunny again, cheerfully eaten in the sun room.


We're to have a week of rain (I hope; it's terribly dry out here), so we load outdoor work onto this day: more seeds to put in cups and flats and more spent stems to snip away. I have big projects in mind as well, but they can wait a few more weeks.

The cheepers follow, happy to be part of our gardening routines again. (Oreo gets a bug up his nose and returns to some of his feisty habits, but I shoo him away with spent branches and then complain long and hard to Ed, who never fails to defend his rooster pal.)


In the afternoon, we go for a walk in our county park. You don't notice spring so much here yet...


... unless you look toward the lake. I believe the last time we were here, there were ice huts and ice fishing was in full swing.


Not anymore.

Evening at the farmhouse. It's light outside and this more than anything brings home the fact that we're in an entirely new season. My daughter and her husband haven't been here for a Sunday dinner since before the birth of Snowdrop. It is so fitting to have the three of them now come for Easter Sunday dinner.


I'm way too excited to see Snowdrop again! I am told that she elicited a lot of grins in her journey through the day. Possibly, her new love of grabbing at her skirts had something to do with it.


Or maybe it's just that when she laughs, the world wants to laugh with her.


It is, as always, a wonderful way to end the week, or begin the week, depending on your calendar habits (the European calendars start the week with Monday, while the North American ones begin with Sunday).


I do hope your weekend, too, was full of good eating and warm embraces!


  1. Snowdrop looks lovely in her dress! And look at the red in her hair. I wonder if she's going to end up being a redhead? Probably a little too early to tell.

    We're supposed to have rain here too for much of the week. That will be the end of our Easter snow, no doubt about it. And after that the high temps are supposedly going to be more consistent for the next while, bobbling around the 50F mark. At that rate, we may even get a few flowers to start coming up around here. I know I'd like to go get some Sweet Alyssum to plant in the front yard.

    1. She looks great indeed in the dress and sweater... and I'm thinking redhead or strawberry blonde maybe.

    2. We really need the rain! Still, it's been a beautiful spring. So far! :)

  2. We were up half the night listening and watch coyotes running around out back and howling! They are out looking for food... keeping a watchful eye on our dogs when they are outside too. Our snow is almost gone here... still some remnants but spring is in the air now. No flowers yet... but soon maybe?

    And baseball season starts today! Happy Monday!

    1. Bex, our ENTIRE state is about basketball today!

  3. I have to remind you that you were the one who was set on getting the cheepers, and Ed had reservations, right?? See what happens when you have long-time readers? They remember..

    I like the little handmade-looking sweater on Snowdrop. Do you know by this time I think that's actually her NAME? :)

    We were back to preschool today and it was so great. The way I feel, providing this experience for these children!! They came in today like it was a holiday to them. No candy-bearing bunnies or bearded Jolly old elves, but fun and learning and friends and teachers who love them, So right.

    1. Not entirely, JoyD: I pushed initially, but when we attended a lecture on cheeper care, I backed away. Too big of a commitment. But then, when Ed came across this family that needed foster parents for their extra chickens, we both thought it was a good way to do cheeper care for just a little while. That little while, of course, has turned into forever.

      So nice to read about your enthusiasm for your group of little ones. How many and what age range?


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